Rtx: Reliability | Risk | Resilience tools

Rtx is a computer program for reliability, risk, and resilience analysis with a library of probabilistic models. Rtx is being developed at the Center for Infrastructure Sustainability and Resilience Research (INSURER) at Sharif University of Technology under the supervision of Mojtaba Mahsuli.

Rtx is derived from Rt. Rt was developed over the course of Mojtaba Mahsuli's PhD studies at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada under the supervision of Professor Terje Haukaas. The development of Rt is now taking place both at Sharif University of Technology under the name Rtx, homed here, and at the University of British Columbia by Professor Terje Haukaas under the name Rts.

Rtx is made freely available here only for academic use. For all other uses, please contact Mojtaba Mahsuli. By using Rtx, you hereby accept the terms of the End-user License Agreement. This includes citing the following references in any form of dissemination that makes use of Rtx:

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The three R's:
Reliability, Risk, and Resilience

Rtx aims at promoting advanced probabilistic analyses in the engineering community

  • Structural reliability analysis
  • Hazard and risk analysis
  • Community resilience analysis
  • Importance and sensitivity analysis
  • Design optimization

Examples show Rtx analyses from components to systems to system of systems, e.g., analysis of an element, a building, an infrastructure system, or an entire community

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About Rtx

Developed at Sharif

Rtx is continually being developed by a team of talented researchers at INSURER

INSURER's platform

Rtx is the computational platform of INSURER and installed on Sharif's high-performance computing (HPC) system

Learning Material

Rtx is taught in detail in a course entitled Structural Reliability and Probabilistic Modeling at Sharif

Course Videos

Rtx Screenshot in Windows, Linux, and Mac

Cross-platform, User-friendly

Rtx is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac with a native user-friendly interface

  • Google Maps® integration to enable regional analysis
  • Extensive probabilistic model library
  • Simulink®-style modularity of models
  • Flowchart of model interaction
  • Visualization of results

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Batch, Parallel Analysis

Rtx is capable of parallel processing and can be run in batch mode from within a terminal with GUI turned off

  • Capable of large-scale parallel processing
  • Cloud-computing ready
  • Installed on Sharif's HPC system
  • Installed on INSURER's Razfi system
  • Structured input file to enable modeling of large systems

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External Software Interaction

Rtx is capable of conducting probabilistic analysis using other software applications, such as

  • Abaqus
  • SAP2000
  • OpenSees
  • Matlab
  • EMME

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Reliability analysis of a beam in Abaqus


Reliability analysis of a beam in Abaqus

Reliability analysis of a frame in OpenSees


Reliability analysis of a frame in OpenSees

Risk analysis using reliability methods

Regional Risk

Regional risk analysis using reliability methods